General Assembly


Crisis Committees


“The Citadel is an enormous space station, and serves as the seat of an organized galactic civilization. ”


“Come and join the Mystery on Murder Hill Committee, a reimagined adventure based on the game CLUE. Throughout the weekend you will solve clues and search for a missing person, all while trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. Oh…and try to stay alive!”


“You will be left to face the Wizarding World after the Battle of Hogwarts and the devastation it created.”


“Birmingham in 1963 is on the precipice of becoming the center of the Civil Rights Movement. This committee will focus on segregation, the tactics of the new organizations developing in Birmingham, and the violent racial tensions breaking down in the city. Can this committee guarantee the survival of Birmingham?”


“The goal of this committee will be to establish a long-overdue sense of peace and order to a nation plagued with constitutional and governmental inadequacy.”


“The ultimate goal of the committee would be to stop the Scramble for Africa, expel European colonizers, and establish an Africa which could succeed on the international stage.”


“The American War of Independence has just concluded, and Great Britain is in a state of shock and disarray.”


"The Eurovision 2020 committee will imitate a Head of Delegations meeting for country-level Eurovision organizers to plan the 2020 contest and respond to crises. Especially relevant topics to consider are the recent jury scandals of 2019, weakening relations between Russia and Ukraine, and host city logistics."


“What would the world look like had the Central Powers won the First World War? This commitee takes place in a world where nations cower under the mighty German Empire, and a clash of old and new ideologies stands imminent on the horizon.”